Sunil Chopra

Sunil has been a Southwark councillor since 2010 and is the current mayor of Southwark. He is the first councillor of Indian-origin to be elected in the Borough. When mayor he helped raise £60,000 for local charities helping homeless people.

Sam Dalton

Sam is committed to tackling the climate emergency, improving housing and reducing inequality and divisions in Southwark, campaigning strongly on these issues for the Labour Party. He has volunteered to help those experiencing loneliness, and to support community projects at schools, local gardens and charity shops in the borough. Professionally, Sam strives to improve housing […]

Emily Hickson

Emily is a climate change campaigner, working with government and businesses on their strategies to reduce carbon emissions. She loves living in Southwark, but is concerned about cuts to council budgets and the rising cost of living leading to greater inequality. In her spare time she can be found at Southwark Council’s gyms and libraries, […]