Kimberly McIntosh

I’m Kimberly, and eight years ago I made Southwark my home and I’ve lived here ever since. I’ve spent the last five years doing research and campaigning on racial justice and child poverty. I’m particularly proud of my track record working on issues I care about like the ongoing Windrush scandal, the impact of austerity […]

Sam Foster

Experienced Labour and community activist, involved in anti-gentrification and eviction resistance campaigns as well as organising mutual aid. I am a socialist and trade unionist, inspired to join Labour to fight the cruel austerity policies of the Tory/Lib Dem coalition.

Ketzia Harper

Ketzia is a resident of Faraday Labour party where she has been chair of the branch for the past 3 years and active in campaigning to ensure the best possible regeneration for the Aylesbury Estate. She is a also a grassroots activisist, adovcating for migrant rights and demanding better services for the survivors of domestic […]